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Köp cd med Freddie Foxxx

Freddie Foxxx - The Ladies Jam

[verse 1]
Now i’ma kick a smooth rap tune for the ladies
Girls lookin good make the guys go crazy
If there wasn’t no girls in the house here tonight
I wouldn’t be standin here, rockin the mic
Fellas admit it, the music is slam-o
But it’s all the girls that make you wanna go
You wanna be in on the skins like a rap star
If your bass is strong, it shouldn’t matter who you are
Girls wear pants, tight and slender
Lookin so good, she’ll make a man a pretender
On the mic when I’m rappin, I look in the crowd
Women in the front row screamin out loud
It sends chills through the body
Makes me rap more and hype up the party
Letters in the mail, sexy lipstick
I had to write a song for the ladies real quick
So all the ladies, clap your hands
And let’s call this one the ladies jam

This is the ladies jam
Yo the ladies jam
Yo fellas, this is the ladies jam

[verse 2]
Now when the party is jumpin and the women are smilin
Fellas play it low-key and call it stylin
You gotta check yourself, before you make a move
Cause if you play yourself out once, then you lose
You gotta face the facts, women got the upper hand
Cause it’s the real good woman that makes a man
Fellas let me ask you, please be truthful
Would you rather have a man or a woman seduce you?
I don’t know about you, I rather die a woman juggler
Than to die a baloney smuggler
Now me bein a man, I gotta love my woman
Show her this blackman can keep it comin
Brothers get jealous, fightin over ladies
Somebody else did your skins, now you’re crazy
But there’s more women in this world than men
So why can’t all of us fellas be in?
So this is for the ladies, clap your hands
So we can do this, it’s the ladies jam

Yo, the ladies jam
Yo fellas, it’s the ladies jam
Come on, it’s the ladies jam

[verse 3]
Girl, I been waitin for the day to come
So me and you can do this, one on one
Now who do I pick, what about this cutie?
The one with the smile and the real nice booty
Or what about brownskin sittin in the corner
Flashin them sexy legs, you know I wanna
Oh, you got friends with you? cool, no sweat
These are my boys, ant live, and let’s jet
More girls comin? you got a lotta friends
The true mack man and supreme are in
Let’s get one for the r, rappin jay
Ron dru and the crew get a piece of the cake
Let’s get busy and all have a party
Off to the hotel, haircuts for everybody
Fly girls, clap your hands
And let’s call this the ladies jam

This is the ladies jam
Hey yo, this is the ladies jam
Fellas, this is the ladies jam

Check this out
This is the ladies jam
This is the ladies jam
This is the ladies jam
The bronx
This is the ladies jam
Strong island


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