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Köp cd med Philip Lynott

Philip Lynott - Talk in 79

The clash were headed for a head on collision
Crash for complete control
The pistols left behind a swindle and a scandal
That nobody wished to handle
Sham 69 were left in a shambles
Generation x was next

Elvis and nick lowe
They had a go
With the help of the attractions
And joe jackson said it wasn’t his style
Dave edmunds survived alive
On top of a rockpile
Devo didn’t know if they were men
Because they couldn’t get no satisfaction
The rats were caught in their own trap
Steve strange began to change
Ultravox had a system
Kraftwerk nearly beat them
And the yellow magic orchestra missed them
Eno rose for lowe

The slits became rasta
And the buzzcocks played faster and faster with adrenalin
John cooper clarke he was smart
The public image became limited
The police were re-released and came out as a three-piece

The rocky horror show became the history of tomorrow
Nina hagen, she was a german maiden
And the music press revealed their anger
When threatened by the stranglers

This broadcast was brought to you in 1979
I’m just talking to you over these waves
Not just about another time and another place
And before we knew it
The old wave was gone and controlled


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